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  Karshan has uniqueness in some of its Characteristics. The birth itself is the realization of a dream and deeply held conviction of the founder member that the institution must contribute to improve the quality of life of the people in the cross section the society at large. In the complex milieu of Indian society where we have been fostering always unity in diversity, our organization contributes its part in faithfully following the trend. The concept of diversity in the organization is always beyond the boundaries of caste, creed or gender.

  Rather, we encourage exchange of experience and ideas to supplement each other which ultimately help them develop a sense of oneness and loyalty to the organization. It is all aimed by the organization to increase its effectiveness in a changing environment so that it could get the best out of its resources.

Why Karshan...

  Karshan has laid down its personnel policies with paramount thrust on employees' needs and aspirations. The employees are constantly monitored, guided and motivated to bring the best out of them. Their grit and tenacity, resilience and adaptability, commitment and sacrifices never escape the attention of the management.

In this pursuit of excellence the work environment is very healthy and conducive for free interaction. In this backdrop the human resource the company has, always try to standout differently and contribute significantly in the quality of project work/deliverables or in the specific assignment.